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Remove and Re-insert the cartridges. The most common reason why this happens is because the "Enable bidirectional support" checkbox is checked under the Ports tab in the Properties of your printer.

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Close all of the covers. Yes, we offer repair at one of our Repair Centers in and outside the United States. The cash drawer code depends on the Emulation Mode the printer is in.

Parallel Cable, 25 pin male to 36 pin Centronics male.

DO NOT use screw drivers, etc. What do the fault indicator LEDs mean on the printer?

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Hold the cartridge with the label facing you. Serial communication transmits data on only 2 wires, one for sending and one for receiving one bit at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions Where can I order paper? Based on proven inkjet technology that's been extremely successful in the POSjet®the Ithaca POSjet® offers the same speed, color choices, easy operation and simple integration as the POSjet®but with a few key addtions.

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Serial Null Modem Cable, 9 pin female to 9 pin female. Paper can be ordered online through our TransAct Supplies website at www. The POSjet printer is an inkjet printer that requires ink cartridges.

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Serial Null Modem Cable, 9 pin female to 25 pin male. The ink levels decrease based on the number of characters printed, not the volume of ink physically in the ink cartridge. Remove the new ink cartridge from its sealed pouch and remove the Mylar tape from the face of the new ink cartridge.

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After you change this option, you must unplug the power cord from the printer, wait at least 1 minute, then plug the power cord back in. What printer driver should I be using?

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They both use a 25 pin D-shell connection. This will allow you to get most paper jams clear.

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Why won't my printer cut? The COM port settings must match the printer serial settings to communicate properly.

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When purchasing a cash drawer, the correct cash drawer cable for this specified wiring configuration must be ordered. The 25 pin Parallel and 25 pin Serial interfaces look exactly the same externally. Complaints of light print, missing parts of a printed character, or not printing at all, though the paper is feeding out as if it is printing, are all indications of an ink cartridge issue.

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Validates various sized one-ply forms in standard or rotated print mode. Once you have the correct cable, you will still need to send the correct cash drawer command code to the printer to open cash loan saga drawer.

Check that paper is not blocking the nozzle of the ink cartridges. Parts can be ordered online through our TransAct Supplies website at www. Use the feed button to feed the feed motor forward.

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Pressing the New button initializes the ink status. Please use our convenient RMA web form. Parallel and serial communications are two distinct ways of getting data from a PC to our printer. This provides a faster means of data transmission than serial.

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Clearing a paper jam is the most prevalent problem you will encounter. Check ink cartridges for any blockage by stray online pujcky bez registru sezimovo ústí folie or food particles, etc.

A hard to find paper jam will cause the nozzle to be blocked causing the print to appear like it is not printing in one section of the receipt only. The best way to determine which 25 pin communication interface is present in the printer is to print a configuration listing from the printer.

The POSjet printer can be purchased with several different communication interfaces. This cable is available for purchase from us. Please use the below chart to identify which interface your printer has: On the bottom of the printer there is a sticker the will identify which wiring the printer has currently.

What communication interface do I have?

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