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This amount shall constitute the wager. You must validate and cash your winning ticket within days of the drawing date. What is a straight bet on Pick 4?

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If your straight bet wins, you win both the straight amount and the boxed amount. Powerball tickets purchased in Ohio can only be cashed in Ohio.

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F Frequency of prize drawings. E Limitations of prize liability. When you win the jackpot, you will be able to select either 30 annual payments or the Cash Option. No prize shall be paid by the commission with respect to any tickets without such control number or bar code data.

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Drawings shall be held at times determined by the director. In actual operation, game number twenty-five and these elements may be given names or titles chosen by the commission.

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In order to win, your numbers can be in any order or combination. When playing PICK 4, there three types of bets can you get more than 1 payday loan at a time can be placed: C Price of tickets.

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D Structure, nature and value of prize awards, based upon the numbers drawn in each drawing. Saturday evening drawings occur during the Cash Explosion® television show, which airs from 7: Pick 4 is drawn twice daily at There are four types of boxed wagers possible. Holders of valid winning tickets for a given drawing bearing the numbers drawn in that drawing in specified combinations of positions, as determined by the purchaser or the auto pick feature, and recorded on the ticket at the time of purchase, shall be entitled to a prize award in accordance with this rule.

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What time are the Pick 4 Drawings? The price paid in game number twenty-five for each winning possibility for any given drawing by the purchaser shall be fifty cents, or multiples thereof to a maximum of six dollars at the choice of the purchaser.

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You can play Pick 4 anytime! A Title and term.


Prizes shall be awarded to the holders of valid one dollar tickets for that drawing as follows: How do I claim my prize? The price paid for a back up bet shall be equal to the wager amount. Pick 4 wagers can be cancelled prior to the drawing. If the holder of a winning ticket does not have the ticket validated within the requisite validation period from the date of the drawing, in accordance with the procedures set forth in these rules, such unclaimed prize shall be paid into the state lottery fund and distributed in accordance with section Only one combination wins on a straight wager.


G Manner of prize drawings. As deemed necessary, or advisable, the director shall adopt management regulations, orders or directives to implement and operate this lottery game. In order to win, your four numbers must match the four numbers drawn in the exact order.

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The director shall inform the public as to the time and place of each prize drawing. For every drawing in game number twenty-five, the director will approve procedures and mechanisms for the selection of winners and the awarding of prizes in order that random selection will be achieved.

When can I play Pick 4? PICK 4 offers four types of boxed bets: H Validity of tickets.

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What are the different bet types for Pick 4? Pick 4 boxed bet consists of four numbers.