AKMU singer Lee Su-hyun has publicly responded lớn hate comments that were left on her personal Instagram account.

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Lee hosted a brief question-and-answer session on Instagram yesterday (August 10), encouraging fans to lớn submit questions for her lớn respond to. However, one such submission was a hate bình luận targeted towards the singer, which read, “Su-hyun, the ugly ahjumma (a Korean term for middle-aged woman). Stop pretending lớn be so smug và fuck off”, as translated by Koreaboo.

Screenshot Credit: Koreaboo

The AKMU vocalist responded lớn the bình luận in a now-expired Instagram story, stating that she usually ignores these types of remarks. However, she noted that this particular one made her feel “sad” because the user “seems so young”.

“I don’t know if it’s because they believe I won’t see it or if it’s because they hope that I vày see it, but I hope you know that we see more than you think,” Lee wrote. “Thankfully, I’m the type that can easily ignore these things, but there are so so many people who aren’t like that.”

“While you may currently be wielding a baseball bat, if you continue to wield it for too long, the edge itself will turn into a knife,” she added, advising the young fan hâm mộ to not leave hate comments on social media. “If this comment is something you just said in passing, please don’t bởi vì it anymore. It’s because you are too precious to become a person lượt thích that!”

Lee Su-hyun is one-half of South Korean sibling duo AKMU, whose latest project ‘Next Episode’ arrived late last month. ‘Next Episode’ has been dubbed a “collaboration album” và includes features from renowned South Korean artists such as IU, Zion.T, Beenzino & more.

The album was awarded five stars in a đánh giá by nofxfans.com’s Ruby C, who noted that “each track brings out the strengths of the collaborators, while still effective in showcasing Su-hyun’s flawless, pristine vocals và Chan-hyuk’s adept lyrical storytelling”.

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