Từ loại là một chủ đề rất lớn trong giờ Anh. Vì chưng vậy cách tốt nhất có thể để bàn sinh hoạt từ một số loại trong giờ đồng hồ Anh là trải qua bài tập. Chính vì vậy trong bài viết này nofxfans.com sẽ hỗ trợ cho chúng ta tổng hòa hợp những bài tập về từ một số loại trong tiếng Anh thông dụng nhất. Đặc biệt cuối bài sẽ có đáp án chi tiết để chúng ta kiểm tra lại bài bác làm của mình.

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nofxfans.com sẽ hỗ trợ cho chúng ta những bài tập về từ nhiều loại tiếng Anh từ cơ bản đến nâng cao. Hầu như dạng bài xích tập thông dụng và thường gặp ở chủ thể từ loại là chọn câu trả lời đúng, mang đến dạng đúng của từ vào ngoặc, kiếm tìm lỗi sai cùng sửa lại, ….

Bài tập về từ nhiều loại trong giờ đồng hồ Anh

Bài tập 1

Chọn lời giải đúng nhất

The park service asks visitors to lớn behave _______ & show respect for wildlife.A. ResponsiblyB. ResponsibleC. ResponsibilityD. ResponsibilitiesThe _______ of Board of Directors is scheduled for Monday.A. ElectionB. ElectedC. ElectsD. ElectableIn order to suppress harmful insects and weeds, garden maintenance companies must choose the right products và apply them _______A. CorrectionB. CorrectlyC. CorrectedD. CorrectingThe CEO will use her _______ in determining how the reorganization of the company will be conducted.A. DiscretionaryB. DiscreteC. DiscretelyD. Discretion_______ by the audience’s positive reaction khổng lồ its music, the Gary Jones played well past midnight.A. DelightedB. DelightedlyC. DelightfulD. DelightThe young fashion designer wanted to create dress styles ________ different from those of her contemporaries.A. RecognizeB. RecognizingC. RecognizableD. RecognizablyMany environmental analysts recommend that nations reduce their _________ on non-renewable energy sources.A. DependentlyB. DependenceC. DependsD. DependentA particularly _________ drawback of this book is the almost complete lack of useful illustrations or tables.A. FrustratingB. FrustratinglyC. FrustratedD. FrustrationThe general manager has _________ that any information customers enter be used only to respond to theirinquiries and requests.A. SuggestedB. SuggestingC. SuggestD. SuggestionAdditional information on _________ financial aid such as grants and scholarships can be obtained fromcareer offices at each university.A. ExtendB. ExtensiveC. ExtentD. Extension_________ for reconstruction contracts has been getting stiffer over the years since it can generate enormously lucrative earnings.A. CompetitivelyB. CompetitionC. CompetitiveD. CompetesThe general hospital was able to lớn improve patient care significantly without hiring more staff by _________ in a new information system.A. InvestsB. InvestedC. InvestingD. InvestOur experienced và skilled technicians can be of much help in the event that you _________ delete something essential from the program.A. AccidentB. AccidentalC. AccidentsD. AccidentallyWhen the __________ for this new safety policy was under consideration by the managers, a number ofexperts were asked for their comments.A. ProposingB. ProposeC. ProposesD. ProposalAll the workers are required khổng lồ _________ verify that the proper maintenance of storage facilities isconducted with extreme care.A. PeriodicB. PeriodicalC. PeriodicallyD. PeriodThe elegant khách sạn we stayed at was _________ & bright and had a private entrance & patio with aview of the ocean.A. SpacingB. SpaciousC. SpaciousnessD. SpacesApplicants are advised to fill out an application size concisely to impress potential employers, without being too ___________ or boring.A. RepeatingB. RepetitiveC. RepetitionD. RepeatAll the terms of the agreement must be clear so that the meaning & intent won’t be __________ by either party.A. MisinterpretB. MisinterpretationC. MisinterpretedD. MisinterpretingThere’s another piece of evidence that there has been enormous ___________ in the supply of customized services to lớn customers.A. GrowthB. GrowsC. GrownD. GrowerWe are sorry to lớn announce that we will not ___________ any credit cards starting next year since a cash deposit is required.A. AcceptsB. AcceptingC. AcceptD. AcceptedThe elegant hotel known for its fabulous amenities is ___________ located near the local airport.A. ConvenienceB. ConvenientC. ConvenientlyD. Conveniences

Bài tập 2

Chọn câu trả lời đúng

If you want to hear the news, you can read paper / a paper.I want to write some letters but I haven’t got a paper / any paper to lớn write on.I thought there was somebody in the housebecausethere was light / a light on inside.Light/a light comes from the sun.I was in a hurry this morning. I didn’t have time / a time for breakfast.“did you enjoy your holiday?” – “yes, we had wonderful time / a wonderful time.”Sue was very helpful. She gives us some very useful advice /advices.We had very bad weather / a very bad weather while we were on holiday.We were very unfortunate. We had bad luck / a bad luck.It’s very difficult to lớn find a work / job at the moment.I had to lớn buy a / some bread because I wanted to lớn make some sandwiches.Bad news don’t / doesn’t make people happy.Your hair is / your hairs are too long. You should have it/them cut.Nobody was hurt in the accident but the damage / the damages lớn the car was / were quite bad.

Bài tập 3

Hoàn thành câu thực hiện những từ đến dưới đây. Sử dụng a/an khi nên thiết.

accident, biscuit, blood, coat, decision, electricity, key, letter, moment, music, question, sugar
It wasn’t your fault. It was………..Listen! Can you hear………..?I couldn’t get into the house because I didn’t have ………..It’s very warm today. Why are you wearing………..?Do you take ……………..in your coffee?Are you hungry? Would you lượt thích ………..with your coffee?Our lives would be very difficult without…………….I didn’t phone them. I wrote………….instead.The heart pumps …………………through the body.Excuse me, but can I ask you………….?I’m not ready yet. Can you wait………….., please?We can’t delay much longer. We have to lớn make ……………..soon.

Bài tập 4

Viết quý phái số nhiều đa số từ vào ngoặc đơn

Study the next three (chapter).Can you recommend some good (book)?I had two (tooth) pulled out the other day.You can always hear (echo) in this mountain.They are proud of their (son-in-law).Did you raise these (tomato) in your garden?I think we need two (radio).My (foot) really hurt.The (roof) of these houses is tiled.Get me two (loaf) of bread.

Bài tập 5

Chữa mọi lỗi không đúng (nếu có) trong số câu sau đây.

There are many dirts on the floor.We want more fuels than that.He drank two milks.Ten inks are needed for our class.He sent me many foods.Many golds are found there.He gave me a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of troubles.Cows eat glasses.The rain has left many waters.I didn’t have many luggages.

Bài tập 6

Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để điền vào đoạn văn.

<…> Chimpanzees in the wild like to snack on termites, and youngsters learn lớn fish for them by pocking long sticks & other (1)____tools into the mounds that large groups of termites build. Researchers found that (2)______average female chimps in the Gombe National Park in Tanzania learnt how to do termite fishing at the age of 31 months, more than two years earlier than the males.

The females seem lớn learn by watching mothers. Researcher Dr. Elisabeth V. Lonsdorf, director of field conservation at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, said that it is (3)_____to find that, when a young male and female are near a mound, ‘she’s really focusing on termite fishing và he’s spinning himself round (4)_______circles’. Dr Landsdorf và colleagues are studying chimpanzees at the zoo with a new, specially created termite mound, filled with mustard (5)________than termites. <…>


Bài tập 7

Cho dạng đúng của những từ sau đây để chế tạo ra thành một bài xích Speaking part 2 hoàn chỉnh.

Well, I would lượt thích to talk about the final football match between U23 Vietnam và U23 Uzbekistan in Asian Football Championship in January, 2018.

You know, it is still spectacular and (1-impress)_______ although our team didn’t win the cup for the following two reasons. Firstlybecausethe team contributed a (2-note)________ performance in the decisive match under extremely (3-freeze)_________ weather. After (4-miracle)__________ victories over Iraq & Qatar, our team was expected to lớn create another mircale and be the champion. The team played with all the strength và attempt they had despite the harsh weather condition.

Secondly, our team is the representative of patriotism & pride of (5-nation)__________ identity. As you know, thanks to excellent team spirit, the intense snow couldn’t prevent our boys from moving forward và fought couragously. They tried their best to lớn bring the (6-prestige)__________ trophy khổng lồ our country. Vietnamese people as well as other countries’ residents really appreciated their constant effort throughout the tournament. Although we lost 1-2 by team Uzbekistan at the last minute and couldn’t claim championship, we have still felt so (7-pride)___________ of our “heroes” & now they are the new-generation idols of our country.

Bài tập 8

Mỗi câu tiếp sau đây chứa một lỗi sai. Tìm và sửa rất nhiều lỗi sai.

Average family sizehas increasedfromtheVictorianera.The riches in Vietnam are becoming richer và richer.In 1892, the firstlong-distancetelephone linebetweenChicago and thủ đô new york wasformallyopening.Dietitians urge peopleto eata bananaa day khổng lồ getpotassium enoughintheir diet.Woody Guthrie has written thousandsof songsduringher lifetime, many ofwhichbecame classic folk songs.Thedevelopment oftransistors madepossible itto reduce the sizeof manyelectronic devices.My father isa goodfamily man,completelydevotedforhis wife and kids.The price of gold depends on several factor, including supply & demand in relation to the value of the dollar.Weather andgeographicalconditions may determine thetypeof transportationusedin a region.Those people were so friend that I didn’t want to lớn say goodbye lớn them.

Bài tập 9

Chọn từ đúng mực để điền vào câu

They dance the Tango (beautiful / beautifully)She planned their trip to Greece very (careful / carefully)Jim painted the kitchen very (bad / badly)She speaks very (quiet / quietly)Turn the stereo down. It’s too (loud / loudly)He skipped________ down the road khổng lồ school. (Happy / happily)He drives too (fast / well)She knows the road (good / well)He plays the guitar (terrible / terribly)We’re going camping tomorrow so we have to lớn get up (early /soon)Andy doesn’t often work (hard / hardly)Sometimes our teacher arrives______for class. (Late / lately)

Bài tập 10

Chia dạng đúng của từ vào ngoặc

…………………….., the barber cut my hair too short. (luck)Namis very ……………………….., kind and generous. (social)She has short …………………….. Hair. (curl)My brother likes acting and outdoor ………………………………. (act)Bell…………………. Demonstrated his invention. (success)Thomas Watson wasBell’s …………………., wasn’t he? (assist)“The lost shoe”is one of the ……………………..stories I lượt thích best. (tradition)Marconi was the ……………………. Of radio. (invent)Alexander G.B ……………………….. Demonstrates his invention. (success)We have two postal …………………… each day. (deliver)She ‘s beautiful with a ……………………….. Smile. (love)Each of my friends has a ………………………. Character. (differ)My uncle often spends his không tính tiền time doing volunteer work at a local ………. (orphan).Trung và his brother like ………………………… movies very much. (act)Bellexperimented with ways of transmitting…………… over a long distance. (speak)Mr Phong made an …………………. To lớn see us at two o’clock. (arrange)There wasn’t any …………………. In our village two years ago. (electric)Everyone was ……………………….. At the soccer match. (excite)The ……………………… of radio was made by Marconi. (invent)Can Ileavethe ……………………….. Of the table for you? (arrange)

Bài tập 11

Chia cồn từ vào ngoặc cho đúng

She avoided (tell) him about her plans.I would lượt thích (come) khổng lồ the party with you.He enjoys (have) a bath in the evening.She kept (talk) during the film.I am learning (speak) English.Do you mind(give) me a hand?She helped me (carry) my suitcases.He decided (study) biology.I dislike (wait).They plan (start) college in the autumn.I promise (help) you tomorrow.We discussed (go) to lớn the cinema, but in the kết thúc we stayed at home.She agreed (bring) the pudding to the dinner.We hope (visit) Amsterdam next month.She suggested (go) to the museum.

Bài tập 12

Chia dạng đúng của hễ từ trong ngoặc

Then came the time for Ali (1 – take) the test. He couldn’t stop (2 – worry) before the test. His teacher had recommended (21-do) the Task 2 first in the writing so he followed those instructions. He finished (2 – write) his Task 2 after exactly 40 minutes và then went on khổng lồ the Task 1. The speaking kiểm tra seemed (3 – go) quite well even though he was nervous. He can recall (4 – ask) the examiner at the over how well he had done but she refused (5 – tell) him. Then came the time for his result. He had expected ( 6 – get) a band 5.5 but he was surprised (7 – find) out that he had been given a band 6.

Bài tập 13

Chia hễ từ ở trong ngoặc

They areused to(prepare) new lessons.By (work) day & night , he succeeded in (finish) the job in time.His doctor advised him (give) up (smoke).Please stop (talk). We will stop (eat) lunch in ten minutes.Stop (argue) & start (work).I lượt thích (think) carefully about things before (make) decision.Ask him (come) in. Don’t keep him (stand) at the door.Did you succeed in (solve) the problem?Don’t forget (lock) the door before (go) lớn bed.Don’t try (persuade) me. Nothing can make me ( change) my mind.

Bài tập 14

Chia cồn từ ở trong ngoặc

The children prefer (watch) TV khổng lồ (read) books.The boys like (play) games but hate (do) lessons.Would you lượt thích (go) now or shall we wait till the end?I can’t find my favorite book. You (see) it?We used (dream) of a television set when we (be) small.Would you mind(show) me how (send) an email?He always think about (go) swimming.She dislikes (do) a lot of housework.My children enjoy (read) books.She looked forward lớn (see) you.

Bài tập 15

The bus was full. We couldn’t ……..I’ve been standing for the last two hours. I’m going lớn …. For a bit.A cat tried to lớn catch the bird, but it …. Just in time.We were trapped in the building. We couldn’t …. .I can’t hear you very well. Can you …. A little?“Do you speak German?” “Not very well, but I can …. .”The cost of living is higher now. Prices have …. A lot.I thought there was somebody behind me, but when I …., there was nobody there.

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2. ĐÁP ÁN bỏ ra TIẾT

Đáp án bài xích tập 1


Đáp án bài xích tập 2

a paperany papera lightlighttimea wonderful timeadvicevery bad weatherbad lucka jobsomedoesn’tyour hair isthe damage, was

Đáp án bài xích tập 3

an accidentmusica keya coatsugara biscuitelectricitya letterblooda questiona momenta decision

Đáp án bài bác tập 4


Đáp án bài bác tập 5

There is much dirt on the floor.We want more fuel than that.He drank two glasses of milk.Ten pens are needed for our class.He sent me a lot of food.Much gold is found there.He gave me a lot of trouble.Cows eat grass.The rain has left much water. I didn’t have much luggage.

Đáp án bài bác tập 6


Đáp án bài tập 7


Đáp án bài tập 8

from => sinceThe riches => The richOpening => openedPotassium enough=> enough potassiumBecame => have become/ becomemadepossible it=> made it possiblefor=> toFactor => factorsgeography=> geographicalFriend => friendly

Đáp án bài tập 9


Đáp án bài tập 10


Đáp án bài bác tập 11

TellingTo ComeHavingTalkingTo speakGivingTo carryTo studyWaitingTo startTo helpGoingTo BringTo vistGoing

Đáp án bài bác tập 12

WorryingDoingWritingTo goAskingTo tellTo get

Đáp án bài tập 13

preparingworking – finishingto give up – smokingtalking – khổng lồ eatarguing – khổng lồ workto think – makingto come – standingsolvingto lock – goingto persuade

Đáp án bài bác tập 14

watching – readingplaying – doingto gohave …seento dream – wereshowing – khổng lồ sendgoingdoingreadingseeing

Đáp án bài tập 15

get onsit downflew awayget outspeak upget bygone uplooked round