NameKingdom Rush Frontiers APK
PublisherIronhide Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.2+
Get it onGoogle Play

What vị you vày when a threat is coming & taking what is yours? If the answer is khổng lồ stand up & fight, then welcome to lớn Kingdom Rush Frontiers. This is where you can build your army of the best. Take advantage of powerful things lớn fight your numerous enemies. Restore peace khổng lồ your kingdom most innovatively và ingeniously. Take up arms và enter the fairy world together.

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Kingdom Rush is a beautiful game series created by Ironhide Games. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is one of the most successful installments. With gameplay that utilizes creativity and intelligence, it will make you fall in love. Along with that are beautiful images made in a very detailed way. Highlight the essential features of a classic tower defense strategy game. Experience and explore khổng lồ understand all that is in it.


Tower upgrade

The power nguồn of the towers will not stop at such an ordinary level, & you can make improvements khổng lồ them to lớn become more efficient and powerful. There will be a total of eight different levels for each type of tower you have built. After powering up, the tower’s abilities also increase. The summoned minions are more substantial, and the attacks also have a broader effect. The longer the battle, the stronger the tower you build. But the higher the level, the more resources you will consume. Therefore, calculate the most effective way to meet your needs.

Military training

Your squad has not only defensive towers but also elite warriors from all over the world. They all have special abilities, ready khổng lồ fight the enemy at any time. For example, Alric is a champion with solid sword skills, và a Mirage assassin with highly high flexibility easily cuts opponents into hundreds of pieces. Along with that is a lot of talent you can choose to lớn include in the squad. Place them where it is necessary to lớn engage in combat & block the enemy’s path. If you are not strong enough, proceed to level up lớn increase your combat ability và endurance. A strong army will be your fastest path lớn victory.


Scary Enemy

Evil forces are constantly evolving và looking lớn capture the artifacts in your stronghold. They have a total of more than 40 different species with many types of power. From desert sandworms, evil magicians lớn underground monsters. Moreover, their leaders are also extremely dangerous. It is possible khổng lồ create large-scale massacres for the entire human race. Each cấp độ is an opponent that makes many challenges for you. Find out & choose heroes capable of confronting them. Build your squad perfectly so as not to thảm bại to the opponent.

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers thủ thuật will require players khổng lồ learn và be creative. You will find many strange and effective fighting methods. Conquer challenges lớn get prestigious achievements and địa chỉ them to lớn your collection.