In the Apparel Technologies program, you will receive extensive hands-on training in design, manufacturing, alteration & fitting by industry-experienced instructors. For more: Visit the Apparel Technologies webpage.

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After completing the #MplsCollege Environmental Science AS degree, students will be prepared lớn enter the workforce at a technician cấp độ or transfer to earn a BS & seek employment as a scientist, resource manager or educator.

The #MplsCollege Cyber Security & Defense degree provides comprehensive, industry-focused training on information technology security.

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Do you have a drive to contribute khổng lồ your community in a job that promotes a thriving, inclusive and sustainable economy? The School of Business and Economics provides your pathway khổng lồ work as a business manager, accountant, economist or in a number of other professional…

Do you love exploring the features và applications on smart phones and computers? Maybe you have already done some coding? Are you curious about the hardware that makes computers and networks function? bởi you want lớn catch hackers or understand how that recent data breach…

The School of Education and Public và Human Service offers a range of degree và certificate programs that will prepare you to lớn work in a variety of occupations aimed for education and public service.

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Do you naturally question how things work? Would you lượt thích to learn how to vị “hands on” work that produces a hàng hóa or solves a problem? As a skilled tradesperson, you’ll use the knowledge, skills và experience required by a specific trade coupled with the latest technologies…

Are you fascinated by the whole range of human experience? vày you want to lớn grapple with cultural, social, historical, philosophical & political ideas? do you want khổng lồ study systems of meaning, language, cultures và ideas? 
Do you enjoy caring for or helping others? The programs in the School of Nursing, Health Sciences và Wellness will teach you real-world skills so you can positively impact your neighborhood, your state, your nation or the whole world. These pathways tư vấn your desire khổng lồ serve…
Are you fascinated by the natural world?Do you love asking questions about what makes things work?Are you a person who likes making decisions based on observing và analyzing?If so, the School of Science and Mathematics is for you.
Do you have the desire to learn & work in a creative and innovative environment? The School of Design và the Arts will help you apply your artistic concepts in a variety of industries such as fashion, theater, architecture và the broad spectrum of arts.This pathway fosters…
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