ROBO Global is an index, advisory, and research company wholly focused on helping investors capture the quality opportunities of fast-growing robotics, artificial intelligence, & healthcare giải pháp công nghệ companies around the world.

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Explore the rapidly evolving universe of disruptive công nghệ from an investment perspective. Hear from our team on the đứng top tech trends, gain key investment insights, và learn about the giải pháp công nghệ companies that are captured across our investment strategies.





Our portfolios are built on the research by our team of financial professionals, PhDs, & global industry leaders who work together to lớn research companies that are driving exponential growth.

We"re witnessing a world dominated by a technological transformation that is unfolding before our eyes. Even as market momentum ebbs và flows, these innovative companies power nguồn forth.

The cutting-edge companies captured in our portfolios are global innovators, both large and small, that are delivering the technologies và applications that are transforming our tomorrow.

In 2013, we launched ROBO: the world"s first investment strategy khổng lồ track the publicly traded universe of automation and robotics stocks. In 2018, we launched THNQ which captures innovative AI stocks. One year later came HTEC which includes the most disruptive companies in healthcare technology.

Like ROBO, our HTEC và THNQ portfolios provide investors with broad and diversified exposure lớn a basket of best-in-class giải pháp công nghệ companies. These indices tư vấn investment products globally.

The ROBO Global Robotics và Automation Index is the world"s first & leading stock index tracking the robotics and automation revolution for investors. ROBO provides investment exposure khổng lồ a basket of best-in-class robotics companies around the world.

The ROBO Global Healthcare Technology & Innovation Index provides unique, global exposure to best-in-class healthcare giải pháp công nghệ companies across nine targeted subsectors ranging from diagnostics to genomics khổng lồ data analytics to telehealth, & beyond.

The ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence Index offers unique exposure to lớn the entire AI ecosystem as technology continues khổng lồ disrupt global industries ranging from healthcare, financial services, transportation, manufacturing, retail, & beyond.

Investment exposure khổng lồ disruptive technology is inherently tied to lớn future-focused, sustainability goals, which identify và address global challenges.

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ROBO Global is an index, advisory, and research company focused 100% on helping investors capture the quality opportunities of fast-growing robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence (RAAI) companies around the world. Authorised as a benchmark administrator under the EU Benchmarks Regulation